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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Apocolyptic Dream

Son will be turned against father
Father will be turned against son
Mother will be turned against daughter
The ramparts will be over run

The sky will turn dark then black
Loathsome things will roam the land
Wild dogs will run in packs
And there will be no one to understand

The plaintiff cry of the weak
The aching hunger of those alone
And barter if done at all
Will be for sex food or precious stones

Ancient tribalism will return
And the rule will be by brutal power
Dead bodies will be a common sight
Wrists bound and tortured for hours

Hunting and scavenging for food
Bands will search abandoned structures
Going in through the blown out sides
Made by the gas pipes violent ruptures

Electricity will end except in a few
Remote areas planned for in advance
Some will survive by skill and determination
And as always a few by idiot chance

Certain people will be shot on sight
Justice will be acted out in open view
And it won’t be by what people know
It’ll be by what people can do….

Some people don’t think it will happen
Some people say so what if it does
They don’t give a damn where we’re going
They’re getting by fine on what was

These are the truly useless
These are the scum of the earth
Who know their fair share in everything
But not what one drop of blood is worth

Sometime in 1994
transcribed this time
1:56 pm


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