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Friday, December 22, 2006

Echos back to the Sam sham scam slam

Ahhh yes

The fond memories of all the back stabbing
Insane self serving whispering campaign
All the utter disregard and utter abandonment
When it came to sacrifice and personal pain

Oh how romantic it was with the set ups
The ambushes and empty words about being free
How cool it was in the evening to gather
And try to make false words come out eloquently

It was always somebody else's fault
How wonderful it was to endlessly be oppressed
To always have that edge of feeling inferior
But pridefully struggling to give one's best

What a wonderful coin in the pocket to have
To always have a group to hide behind
To not have to speak directly to the trials
And tribulations to reveal an individualistic mind

The ease of the back slapping exchange
It sure beat digging into soul and sweat
And if the truth ever did come back around again
You could always lie and say

You have no regrets

11:10 pm


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