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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Girls just like to drift around
With their heads full of crap
While they suck out some guy’s life blood
Like he was born to be their sap

Girls just like to check you out
And then to string you along
While they wait for Mr Perfect
As they sing they’re let’s all get along song

Girls are what they are
They’re the mix of both worlds
They’re like demon angels
Askin you for diamonds while

They wear some other guys pearls

They don’t know any better
They live in a complete illusion
They’re just not happy unless everything
Around them is in complete confusion

They’ll blame you and they’ll shame you
And take all of your cd’s
And swear they were just about to love you
If you only hadn’t … been so mean to me

Their thoughts are all jumbled mush
For being such conniving tarts
They listen attentively at your hunger for life
But all they can think about is eating

Your still beating heart

8:24 am
transcribed this time
6:29 pm



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