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Thursday, July 26, 2007

You caught me

You caught me

I can put a round up a fleas ass
At three hundred yards
I can come at you fast
I can come at you hard

But you caught me in my garden
Caught me with my reeds and flowers
You caught me sitting quietly
Passing away a peaceful hour

I can run six clicks out and walk
Back against the waters current flow
I know when the rains come and it
Floods where the snakes prefer to go

But you caught me looking at the sky
Caught me looking up into that blue
You caught me thinking up a song
That I from my heart would give to you

I can do hundreds of push ups and sit ups
As well as put in some time with weights
I have great respect for men who’ve stepped
In to test their full measure with fate

But you caught me cooking dinner
Preparing some good for you food
You caught me laughing out loud
Enjoying music and being in a joyful mood

So now what do we do
How do we resolve this Celtic knot
Do we look into each others eyes
And both give it our best shot

12:30 am
transcribed this time
12:35 am



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