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Friday, March 16, 2007

Cybelle's Friend

There was beauty in the lines of women
There was music in the air
Everybody was dancing dancing dancing
Some were even daring to care

There was exploration into space
There was family and mouths to feed
There were elements in the industry
That was only motivated by greed

But some silll did the light shows
Some still opened the Minds eye
Some were brave enough to love
Some weren’t always tryin to slip one by

There were puppet stages created
There were those train rides in France
Where Frogs learned to be polite
By having to learn a Texan’s two step dance

Some miles were driven in a van
Some children were dear to the heart
I never heard a one of his stories end
That wasn’t a lead in to another’s start

I miss those long conversations
That coffee and sharpening of knives
I miss the simple wonderful meals prepared
The absolute feeling of being alive

2:13 pm
transcribed this time
2:20 pm



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