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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get Over It

Get over it

Let it go by
Let it slip Ignore it
Give it a wave goodbye

Be cool
Slide with the ride
Go back and forth
Just like the tide

No big deal
Back off some
You're cuting the buzz
You're spoilin the fun

We're movin on
You're obsessed
Lightin up
Is this some kind of test

Chill man chill
Give it a rest
When in doubt
Minimizing is the best

Although deflection's good
As well as keepin it light
It's such a struggle discussin
What could actually be wrong or right

Just spout off some lie
And if it's shown to be not true
Laugh it off and say hey
It's what both sides do

Point out something else bad
That's equally as forsaken
Proving therefore no effective
Action at all can possibly be taken

Get over it get over it
Definitely a popular phrase
Amongst the insulated discombobulated

Who are
Feelin a bit squeezed now a days

12:16 pm
transcribed this time
9:21 am



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