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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Let me not disappoint you

Let me bathe in all your tolerant understanding
Let me endure your patient word to my ear
Let me watch the chatter boxes fuss about
Like it's decorative decorum that ought to be held dear

Let me watch truth be murdered in the cradle
Let me watch the blood splatter all over the room
Let me watch you stand their with your flowers
As you skulk scuttle and scurry beneath the moody moon

Let me not disapoint you with my mortal body
Let me not laugh improperly especially out loud
Let me not remember any man that has gone before
Especially one whose head was bloody but unbowed


There is no such thing as real creativity
There's only the dark heart's stories to tell
There's only the honoring of self
And the body dumps into to the wishing wells

But let me not disappoint you

I never noticed the stench of death
That came from the rotting decay
Oh no no no no

Let me not disappoint you
I believed every word you had to say

2:00 pm


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