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Monday, April 26, 2010

More inside info

More inside info on the
dog conspiracies goin around

Be advised

They are known to be loyal
Even though they'll eat bugs
And are some how forgivable
Even when they shit on the rug

They're glad to see us
If we're gone five minutes or all day
Their intentions are clear even if
All they've got is a smile and a tail

To say what they've got to say

I've known more dogs
That have been a better friend
Than those two legged creatures
Whose kindness is mostly pretend

Give me that mania
Jumping up on the bed
Let me hide beneath the covers
To keep my face and head

From such honest enthusiasm
In the dawns early light
They're honest in their affection
And yet merciless in protecting me

Come need of a fight

Man they eat a lot
But I vow they'll never lack
Even though they chew up
My socks gloves and hat

9:28 am
transcribed this time
9:32 am



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