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Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been down

I've been down

I've been shattered and splattered
I've been lied to and tied up to please
I've been lifted up to the sky
And left crying on my knees

I've been thrown out
I've been invited back in
I've been told that all my best times
Are nothing but living sin


But I'll never forget you
You were so wild and insane
I'll never ever ever forget
What's her name

Hey baby that's not true
Maybe it's just the howling wind
Maybe it would all come back
If I heard us moan together again


I've been rocked by the best
I've been rolled by the worse
I've had to call a taxi
But all they sent was a hearse

I've been down some hard roads
I've slept on floors and feather beds
But I'm beginning to think
I'm never gonna get you outta my head

8:35 pm
dedication to desire and Desiree

transcribed this time
10:00 pm



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