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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Truth

The truth

The truth isn't always beautiful
The truth isn't always easy to take
But it beats bein false hearted
And living your life as a fake

The truth isn't always comfortable
And most of the time must be earned
But turning away from it and hiding
Can definitely leave a mark that burns

The truth is the truth and without it
You truly can end up hurting yourself
But even worse than that
You can selfishly and mindlessly

Inflict pain on someone else

Try hard to love yourself
Because if you don't who can
Love for beginners is often only
Restricted as that between a woman and man

But what about the skys
What about the songs
What about the moon
Not everything has to be right or wrong

Let in some harmony
Some wisdom in a book
Try having some respect
For the things in life

That deserve more than a cursory look

10:52 am
transcribed this time
3:08 pm



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