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Saturday, March 05, 2011

I'll never get to read

I'll never get to read
Another brand new Robert B Parker book
I always knew I liked him
Didn't even have to give him a second look

He could write that hard guy stuff
That combination of adrenaline and wit
Who doesn't like a private eye
Who physically and verbally knows how to hit

A literate boxer with more than a
Tea spoon of charm
A bull dog on a case
And one with some pretty hefty arms

He was relentless in his pursuit
He could do that face to face
He went as far as guts would take him
Right to the edge of instinct and grace

Nobody was better at the wise crack
Than Spencer when put to the test
Threats of death or a womans breasts
There's no reason a man shouldn't give his best

I read many a book of his straight through
While some I'd savor as the sun went down
A man should leave his mark on the world
There aren't many of his kind left around

His love of Suzanne
Would take your breath away
It's an amazing depiction of when
A guy meets his true match

What he'll do and what he'll say

Gun fights and blood and romance
Sacrifice and honor and how will it be
If we don't see it through to the end
How would we ever go on

If it wasn't a mystery

6:52 pm
transcribed this time
7:01 pm



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