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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Many are the acts of bravery

Many are the acts of bravery

Many are the acts of bravery
That go unrecorded anywhere
Many are the seeds of hope
That in the end have no fruit to bear

Many are the ones who are deaf
To songs of depth and insight
Many are the one who listen
But for their turn to say they're right

Many are the judgemental voices
That cut and slice and pry
Before they've looked inside themselves
And have had to answer why

Many are the feelings that are blunted
To anothers pain and sorrow
And how they've had to struggle
To make it till tommorrow

Many are the roads that are taken
And many are the stars that shine
But they do so to no lesser degree
For having been seen only by

These eyes of mine


written about 1996
transcribed this time
6:57 pm


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