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Thursday, November 04, 2004

A normal voice

A normal voice


Don't speak to me

With passion
Like there is such a thing as romance
Like even a tiny portion of the world
Stands a chance amidst the mad man's dance

Don't speak to me of the evening
And how flowers can perfume the air
Or how when even as the sun goes down
It still has enough light to dare us to care

Don't speak to me of your hopes and dreams
Or with any openess in your heart
About how to make a good begininng
Or how to even want to give that a start


No speak to me in a normal voice
And whatever that would mean to you
Why can't people ask for what they want
With out first thinkin

They have to tell the other person
What not to do


I thought we might catch a note
As it drifted from some guitar
And let it ride with us on a walk
As we gazed up on a star

I thought we might buy a malt
And sit out on a sunny day
On some park bench somewhere
And laugh and watch some children play

But I don't know how it happened
Suddenly I just went away
I didn't know what else to do
And I definitely didn't know what to say

I guess I couldn't find my normal voice
I couldn't find it even when I was given the cue
I guess lonely street just took a turn
And I went on down it

Without you

11:24 pm


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