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Thursday, February 10, 2005

In that moment of eternity

In that moment of eternity

Quietly the river flowed
As the leaves drifted down its stream
Whirling swirling fancifully dancing
As if in some light miracled dream

The birds were up in the trees
That lined all along the river banks
Singing up a storm with their little hearts
Offering up a chance

To give some proper thanks

For the turtles and the fishes
The insects the leaves and trees
All this interwoven symphony of life
All there calling out to me

What warmth there was in the sun
Up there in that big blue sky
What luxury and treasure radiating
Filling up my heart and eyes

How my soul opened up
In that moment of timeless time
In that moment of eternity
That flooded my senses

And opened my mind

How do you say thank you
To a love stronger than death
Sometimes I shout it to the world
Sometimes I whisper it under my breath

But mostly I look back at it
And try to help out where I can
And remember those who did the
Same for me

When I did not understand

11:36 pm


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