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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's time

It’s time for you to stand up
And walk out

On what it truly takes
To make life worth living
It’s time to turn your back on
The heart that could be forgiving

It’s always better to leave
Before you have a chance to hear
That there is a gateway opening
A chance to get past your fears

What good is a wheel that’s turning
What good is what you already know
If you have no burning to be learning
How to make the soul seeds grow

It’s time for you to stand up
And walk out

To cut the life line back
And leave behind your dreaming
But who is it that coldly sold you
That courage bold could be replaced

By dry bloodless scheming


Who is it that first proffered forth
Who is it that extended that hand
Covered by the scaly skin of sin
And made upon you demands

That made promises of gold
That made promises of power
But in the end only stole
Life’s precious minutes and hours

Who taught you to close your eyes
To not appreciate simple joys
And that rights and freedoms of others
Are but frivolous playthings and toys

Bitterness does look like wisdom
When temptation is at hand
And telling you to not persevere
To strive to reach to understand

It’s time for you to stand up
And walk out

But will it be on open discussion
Or on rumor mongers taking the tact
That the best way to achieve goals
Is through innuendo gossip and

Endless low down filthy sneak attacks

10:51 am
transcribed this time
10:33 am
on a tuesday


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