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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Rain

The rain is a heart beat
Falling on the window pane
The rivulets and trickles
A symphony of cleansing strains

A montage of metaphoria
Awash in rhythmic waves
The undulations of a spirit
Whose wetness in it gave

Life to the cosmic vision
Of golden outstretched arms
Embracing the tree of life
In a move not meant to harm

There was a sudden silence
That fell into the room
And it brought about temptation
A certain violent raging gloom

But it was only a threshold
If you held onto the course
You found a mutual sharing
Coming directly from the source

Pouring into a current
Into a breath taking stream
Crystal clear and conscious
You were part of anothers dream

The rain is a heart beat
Falling on a window pane
The blessing of beauty's best
A whisper and a name

about 92 or 93
Taken from the chap book
Blood Read
transcribed this time
3:38 pm


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