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Sunday, November 21, 2004



I don’t like seein a stray dog
It hits too close to home
Out there scrounging for food
And havin to do it alone

No one to call a family
Not one place in does he fit
Everybody thinking that desperate look
Means they’re gonna get bit

Pullin and tuggin on scraps
He used to be a lot happier
Than tryin to get his nutrition
From the food that clings to wrappers

Tossed discards of a society
He trys to find his way
From the middle of a parking lot
Into the night and through the day

You can’t take’m all in
But you sure as hell want to
I sometimes think the pain in life
Is because of what we didn’t do

How dare this suffering go on
How dare this lonely one live
And reflect such agony in my heart
And reveal how little I have to give

Maybe tomorrow good will to animals
Maybe some carry through toward a goal
Anything to help relieve
This emptiness in my soul

About 1995
transcribed this time
10:54 am


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