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Friday, November 12, 2004

My take on idiots

My take on IDIOTS


Having been in the so called
art community for some years


I found their disingenuousness amazing
I found that they outright lie
I find that they don't care what happens
As long as it's somebody else who dies

They're all for freedom
Till it comes to guns
Then only the state should have them
And to me that sounds fascist and dumb

They'll change in mid-argument
And deliberately misinterpret what you say
They seem to think by any means necessary
Is perfectly all right for them as a way

They love criminals
They even get them out of jail
Then celebrate them and don't even bother
To apologize when it miserably fails

They'd sell us out to the UN in a heartbeat
And they fanatically encourage illegal immigration
It's culturalism over nationalism
In almost each and every situation

They love freedom of speech
But don't want any accountability
Because as soon as you disagree
They go right into their oh you're oppressing me

They're vindictive and spiteful
They're lead around by their efite elite
Their snobbery is almost unbelievable
And their arrogance is such a treat

Other than that I like'm
And this is the short list
If they all disappeared for forever
I don't know a one of them

That I would miss

12:26 pm
transcribed this time
9:49 pm


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