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Friday, November 05, 2004

This Steed

This Steed

I'm going to walk right into your dreams
And bring you my beating heart
I've been riding the nightmare of screams
Across the frozen ground leaving marks

But for those who try to follow
They say it can't be done
If the basic drive is hollow
In this land where there is no sun

There are bridges up ahead
And sighs coming out of the trees
Murmurings from those long ago dead
Who can no longer please or be pleased

There is no hope in the driving sleet
No future in the drizzling rain
But pounding hooves can make a beat
That push away the most numbing pain

And we've been thundering down the highway
Past these illusions that seemingly never end
This steed of deeds and I have been riding
Inside the howling of the coldest winds

And the steam comes out of his nostrils
The sweat clouds rise from his chest
As the mist curls in the vortex of whirls
On the lost souls road of no rest

Where the fog is thick as grey blood
And there is some sort of dew
On the rust colored blades of saw grass
That reach out to whip at you

As you cut close to the inside
When you lean it around the bend
Bearing down hard on the breath of death
Because you're going to take it to him the end

The Winter of 95


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