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Monday, November 22, 2004

Too many broken hearts

Too many broken hearts
Can kill you

Or kill your will to give
And then all you've got
Is accomidating in order to live

A man must destroy something
In order to be able to create
A man must engage with the rage
And dark cloud storms of hate

To feel alive to feel he's met
The challenge of death engaged
I seek not the warm comfort
Of some so called all knowing sage

I want the winter ice
The wind and cold and pain
I want to walk the old path out
To where no one knows your name

But the desolate barren land
Where there's only the passing through
Because survival is keeping on the move
Lest anything get a track on you

That has not earned it's own quarter
That has not it's own abilites
That has not learned to appreciate
Some of the finer complexities

That takes faith as it's priority
And a battery of basic skills
I never wanted that easy ride
I thought it enough to be able

To get back up from the spills

10:39 pm
transcribed this time
6:29 pm


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