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Saturday, December 25, 2004



We can’t be afraid to lose
We can’t be afraid to choose
What it is we are looking for
What it is that we use

Or does it use us
Are we not free to try
Are we not incarnate spirits
Can we not lift our wings to fly

Faith is such a strong thing
But it does come at a price
Putting it on the line divine
Whoever said it would all be nice

Was lying or immature
Or day dreaming their life away
The real thing does take work
And it takes all night and day

Clinging is for vines
Compromise is a bargaining chip
I believe there is a difference between
A sojourn and a vacationing trip

Freedom is a soul word
Strength is an attribute
That is developed over years
And is not the same as being cute

The center of all power
Is a mighty flame a burning ship
The tender mercy from an angel
As she brushes lightly upon your lips

With hers
When she speaks of love and lust
Incredible are the visions
Of all this dancing dust

I am in the stars you see
I am in the tears you cry
I am with you every step of the way
I am in your last goodbye

But for now I am this song
And I want it to be true
I want it to be worthy of
The heart I’m singing it to

6:50 pm
transcribed this time
10:10 pm


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