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Friday, December 10, 2004

I know

I know
I’ll be everything
That’ll….solve it

I’ll be your peace maker and killer
I’ll be your hero and villain too
I’ll be the lover you’ve always wanted
But not have any idea what to do

I’ll be your famine and feast
The rain water and the drought
The maximum in self confidence
That aching nagging doubt

I’ll be the horror in your nightmares
The savior in your dreams
That quiet house on the side of the road
The master of every extreme

I’ll be your diplomat and warrior
I’ll be your suffering and pain
The psychiatrist who truly cares
But declares himself insane

I’ll be your writer and reader
I’ll be your knife and sheath
The hurricane that pounds the coast
That one small trembling leaf

I’ll be your mountain and sky
A breath taking expanded view
Or the humbleness of small rocks
If only to be at the feet of you

I’ll be what I have to be
I’ll fit in with everything
Or the only one in the choir
Who refuses to fake what he sings

I’ll be the soil for your flower
The encourager of the truth
The destroyer of all your enemies
The tornado that tears off their roof

about 1995
transcribed this time
11:32 am


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