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Wednesday, November 24, 2004



I got stuck in traffic
Behind an animal control truck
Just my heart aches break
Just my luck

And after four blocks
I couldn't take it anymore
I wanted to jump right out
I wanted to open that door

There was a dog in there
A german shepard mix in a cage
I was runnin the full gamut
All the way from sorrow to rage


I made a vow right there
I'd get this one out
But I felt the temptation all day
And at night heard the creeping doubt

You don't need this burden
You ought to got to keep on goin
All that contagious urban madness
Was beginnin to make its showin


But I got up in the mornin
And got my shoppin done
And with bags of food and all
I made that dog pound run

And there he was
Locked up with some other guy
I put a pink reprieve on his gate
And they told me to come back by

In three more days
To give his owner a chance
To save him from that last gasp
Twisted dying by gas dance

And you know
Even if he's been rescued
I'm taken some other one home
The sadness down there is stunning
So many abandoned condemned and alone

Save one and leave a hundred
The soul awake aches and cries
And it might hurt beyond belief
And grief

But it'll never
Make me not try

10:25 am
transcribed this time
7:09 pm


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