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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I would

I would kill you

I would beat you blind
I would foot sweep you down
Because I hate your kind

I'd jump on your chest
And pound your face
I'd leave your blood
All over the place

I'd break your limbs
Dislocate your joints
I'd make damn sure
You got the point

You're weak and mouthy
And think taunting is fun
But you'd change that opinion
Before I was done

I'd rip out your throat
I'd break your knees
I'd grin in your face
As you begged please

You are less than nothing
You're neither love or hate
You're just taking up space
On this train ride to fate

You're rude crude and screwed
From being twisted up inside
You have absolutely no shame
And no reason for having any pride

But still you mock belittle and demean
That's where you start begin and end
And I know you can't stop
Till you're teeth are bashed in

You're the puss from the wound
You're the jaundized eye
You can't help what you are
You just need to die

12:02 am
note of disclaimer
for legal purposes
no actual harm is meant toward
any particular wuss toy boy
who seeks to employ all their new coy ploys

transcribed this time
12:33 am


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