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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Greetings or farewells


Does everybody leave everybody
Does clover have small flowers
As yellow as the sun behind the
Clouds that bring spring showers

Do lowquats have smooth seeds
That slip across the tongue
Why do we have to get old
Why can't we always be young

Is river grass lush and green
Are ash leaves suddenly there
As fresh life renewingly emerges
A fragrance fills the air

The lemon blossom beckons
Senses ambrosially satiate
Intoxicating the passerby
With another version of fate

Does asparagus have blooms
Delicately interspaced
Inside a light brush of green
As fine as any lace

Do roadside daisys sway
As you crest the hill
Greetings or farewells
Are they waving still

about 1994
transcribed this time
1:15 pm


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