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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

All these precious things


How hard can you squeeze a nickle
How hard can you squeeze a dime
About as hard as you can squeeze
A clock to get a little more time

How soft can you hold your baby
How soft can you drive her wild
How do you hold a porupine
How do you cherish a smile

How can you finish the job of love
And bless the dearly departed
You pile up all these precious things
And then off they get carted

How do we know when to be alone
Why don't we know we already are
How can we not see the nights sun
When it's right there in every star

How close can humans get to truth
How close can people get to perfection
And why aren't miracles guaranteed
If we go their direction....

How come I'm being interrogated
How come I'm the only one in the room
How come they're never so obvious
As puting revolving doors on tombs

Why are they in the masks and faces
Why are they in the wonder and awe
How can they be a part of everything
I ever felt heared smelled or saw

about 1993
transcribed this time
4:44 pm


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