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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

To some

To some

Nobody will ever be better than their dead heroes
It's always been safer like that
There's nothing like some mortal walking around
Screwing up the legendary facts

Moving and laughing and making mistakes
Struggling to keep some shred of integrity alive
Always on the edge of some inappropriate conversation
Like some how mortality and destiny could ever survive

At least on the physical plane
Where we mere humans toil and trouble and bleed
Wondering what it is we're looking for when
We don't know the difference between want and need

But still there are those glimmering moments
Those sparkles of light like stars and embered fires
As we search ever on for those still waters
Fed by the springs of boiling raging uncaged desire

What a mixed up bag of miracles at best
What a nightmare of horror and suffering pain
Who is it that knows not the jokers plight
Who is it that knows not the holy mans shame

Aren't we all so much cleaner after mr death
Has made his call and extracted his toll
Perhaps if we waited for that last perfect breath
We wouldn't have to contend with the vagaries

Of this living ragged soul

But then where would be the joy of tears
Where would be redemption and salvation
If no one ever went past judgments fears
Or ever dared to their own creations

8:47 pm
transcribed this time
11:30 pm


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