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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Fantasy Park

Fantasy Park

I want to go to the Fantasy Park
Where the rides are deep in blood
Where the gaiety and piety
Pour through the gates like a flood

And the cotton candy is spun
On pink nightmares of hair
Where the boardwalk is made for the fun
Clown whores have when they don't care

I want to go to the Fantasy Park
Where the tests of strength are rigged
Where drug addicts run the booths
And the only thing that counts is your big


I want to go the Fantasy Park
And get my future told
By some lying sell out idiot gypsy bitch
Whose heart is dark and cold

I want to see the neon burning
And look up into the sky
I want to bear witness to the night
Dedicated to make the children cry

I want to go the the Fantasy Park
Where the patrons get scared to death
And give away all their youth and truth
To the things that steal life's breath


I want to go into the evening
And lay my quarters down
To win the Cupie Doll of my dreams
And dance to the maddening sound

Of the Calypso spinning
And throwing people out
I want to go where you hear
Their dying screaming futile shouts

As they plummet to the earth
And or are impaled upon the poles
Of the tents erected for the show
Designed specifically

To rob you of your soul


Where there's the jingling of coins
Saw dust bright colors and grinding gears
From the machinery that creates
The smoke screen of persuasion and fear

Because innocense has no place here
Baby .... You're on your own
Didn't you catch the sign when you came in
At best

It's a Spiritual War Zone

written within a week
during The New Victorian Era
transcribed this time
9:55 pm


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