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Monday, April 18, 2005

The old decaying mansion

The old decaying mansion
Of self dellusion creakingly stands


This house of denial is made up of many rooms
Made up of many excuses and meanderings
There's alway space enough for one more nit pic
Or some new sick trick to pass off pandering

This is where all the worshipers of denial live with
Their absolute self justication of any insulting remark
Their absolute authority to proclaim what is right
Like roaches crawling around in their preferred dark

Not many coherent sounds come from the broken doors
The structure is in need of vital necessary repair
The tattered curtains blow in and out of the windows
But no one leaves no one dares to risk the fresh air

There is a foul stench of unreviewed thoughts wafting
There are cracks in the opinions carved in stone
How wretched and wrenched around do you have to be
To claim something like this as your home

But make no mistake with the impulse to pity
This is ground upon which one does not draw too near
This is where desperation mixes with dust mold and rot
This is where the ghoulish feed off the dying body of fear

12:37 pm
transcribed this time
12:56 pm


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