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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another song....from the snake pit

I m is nothing

But a succubus when it suits her mood
She's used to geting her selfish way
She's used to winning the day by being rude

The only male she'll tolerate is the one
Who'll tuck his tail between his legs
The only one that she'll let close
Is one who gets down on his knees and begs

And that goes for his sacred spirit
His holy body and mind
Nothing is of value to her from a man
Unless she controls the place and time

She is hollow like the foul smoke blowing
From a sarcophagus' pyre or a cauldrons steam
She favors the flavors of reptilian spices
And the ground up remains of her lovers dreams

Incapable of being faithful she always chooses
Her entry on interaction that is actually living a lie
She knows the difference but just doesn't care
She finds it intriguing to watch tenderness die

She interrupts the man she says she's with
She takes over his lead and own individual stand
And he must and will have to accept this or
He will definitely not be her kind of man

She can tell when she's been recognized
And that's when her claws come out to rip apart
She's the kind that you have to come to accept
That can only be stopped

By a stake
Being driven through her heart

1:06 pm


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