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Thursday, June 02, 2005

A witches due

A witches due

Somebody should have drug the skank down the stairs
Screaming for her life as her ankles and wrists broke
Somebody should have thrown her in the trunk unconscious
To wake up chained in some dark basement as a joke

Somebody should have fed her tainted and rotten food
Till she threw her guts up after she ate
Somebody should have cued this clueless one in to
Just how deep the real world can create its own hate

Oh yeah

Somebody should have put an ancient curse on this
Petty self pity queen of what she can only imagine

Is the mean scene

She has not seen the slithering in the dark
She has seen not the rage marked dark and evil one
She only knows what she wants and how
She plans on throwing her prissy sissy fits if it's not done

No damnation has she witnessed
No suffering beyond the human pale to bear
All she knows is she must continue in the venue
Of the endless circle she is in if she is to be anywhere

Or her own fear will eat her alive
She dares not ever admit that it exists
Much less do what ever is humbly necessary
For her soul to recover enough to resist

It all seems so needlessly harsh and scathing
Till you see the innocence of a child
Who has been sacrificed before the rantings
Of such a one who can turn honey to bile

It all seems cruel and one might say inhuman
Till you’ve experienced what tolerating such a one can do
Till you have seen what is wrought from befouled brew
Very few know how to steel the nerves enough to deliver

What a witch is truly due

12:44 am
again on a legal note of disclaimer
no real harm is meant toward any specific person
or group of people..



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