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Sunday, December 26, 2004

E. Woodlawn Revelation Transformation

There was a heavy mist coming down
And hanging in the air
Slowly falling onto our shoulders
Clinging like diamonds to her hair

Soaking our clothes and skin
But still we talked past the cold
She said she was taking a chance
But you always do when it comes to soul

She had responded well earlier
When the edge had come to her words
Inside each sharp beaked taloned one
Beats the heart of a small song bird

She had chosen to return the visit
Had placed herself into the unknown
Did the best she could to reveal
That intelligence had built her home

But her heart now yearned for more
And she had sought out and engaged
Those who wielded emotion and body
Expressing such violence and rage

That one came near to forgetting
That it was performance and dance
As innocent as the tearing of flesh
To feed the offspring of a romance

When the world ceases to be dangerous
It is because you are no longer alive
This one I believe wants to fly and see
The nature of the strong is to survive

But not in a way that compromises
The next generations lives and songs
If joyous or fierce screeching offends
Get off this cliff and down where you belong

By the time we finished talking

The mist was still coming down
And hanging in the air
Still falling on our shoulders
But the diamonds..

Were everywhere

1993...more than likely
transcribed this time
7:40 pm


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