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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mud Runs

Mud runs

Life might not be all flat track circular motion
Life might not be only a smooth pavement run
Life might be a run down along train tracks
Across some ditches and through some weeds in the sun

Because life might rain on you unmercifully
And you got to carry on soakin wet through and through
Yeah dig like life may not be dishin out neat controlled tests
When you step up to see what you can do

Do you double tie your boot laces
Do you learn to stomp the mud off and drive on
Yeah what do you do when it's not all nylon shorts
Blue skys suburbun streets and neatly mowed lawns

How do you handle it then when the brush is grabbin you
When the dirt clods nearly dump you on the ground

You got enough to gut through with a sweat soaked view
You still got enough to keep

Pick'm up and lay'm down

3:29 am
transcribed this time
3:46 am


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