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Sunday, May 11, 2008

I laid my Spirit to rest

I laid my Spirit to rest
With my hammer of Thor

Often for two or three months
He would disappear at a time
Then he would suddenly be there again
It was like a miracle of a kind

He was strong and willful
Funny and affectionate too
The dogs even stood back a bit
He had that kind of affect on you

He had claws as sharp as razors
He had a purr that could charm
He’d sleep out in the cold or heat
Or curl up in your arms

He was my familiar
And I’ll miss the Hell out of him
He brought warmth to my heart
And now the lights a little less dim


He was as black as night
And as beautiful as any storm
I was alone on the highway
When into my life he was born


When he was young
He’d go looking for a fight
He was always on the prowl
And doin what a cat thought was right

Later when he got older
He did less roaming around
But no one took his territory
No one ever took him down

He was ferocious when he fought
All out fury rage and skill
Un-relentless in the attack
He never did surrender his will

But he had his humor
Like taking a swat at you
When you walked too close by
And didn’t look at what he wanted you to

He could eat a helleva lot
I was amazed at how much he could
A chicken thigh a half can of food
And some dry food on the side did him good

With the obligatory bowl of milk
From time to time to time
I liked him and loved him a lot
He was a true one of a kind

In Honorous Memoria

11:32 am
transcribed this time
11:35 am



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