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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I sleeep in a leather jacket
Laying at the foot of the bed
And dreams of the frozen chosen
Go dancing through my head

I'm partially beneath a comforter
Two kittens are also there
I'm writing with a penlight
About a night that's cruel but fair

Shadows playing upon the wall
Shining through reddened fingers
The flesh still clings to bone
And the memories still linger

I will sleep alone tonight
And pay the hermitage price
I'm glad to be inside
Outside the wind is ice

I've got pieces of paper
And an old trusty pen
There seems no way to quit
Till exhaustion settles in

Somewhere out one dog barks
As the rituals abound
I feel a slight stirring
I hear a purring sound

about 1993
Transcribed this time
2:02 pm
From the chap book Blood Read
Copyright 1994



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