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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Will you love me

Amongst the trash
And stray dogs
All the broken hearts
And sorrow

Will you love me

In the afternoon
When the heat
Bares down
Like there's no tomorrow

Will you love me

As we tour
The grave yards
And the history
Of spoken tales

Will you love me

When you hear the
Defeated talking
Like there's no way out
But to admit we failed

Will you love me

When the birds start singing
Up there in the trees
When the vine with pink flowers
Are reaching out to you and me

Will you love me

Like the breeze that blows
Down Trails End's street
Like if I talk to you openly
And truthfully

Everyother phrase isn't something
I need to repeat

about the summer of 2006
transcribed this time
10:04 am



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