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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Don't try to stop me

Don’t try to stop me

I don’t like poetry
I don’t like to dance
I don’t like anything
That gives me half a chance

To really get to know you
Call you as a friend
I’ve seen your kind before
You like to pretend


Skulking down the streets
Sitting by the curb
In daylight fierce with heat
Are the mentally disturbed

While glide rides slide around
Trying to determine
The hippest side of town
Free of intervening vermin


Hurl me out beyond the garbage
Break loose damn be slammed
It didn’t take me no work
To get me where I am

The milk of human kindness
Is bleeding from the bone
And like a baby in the dumpster
I believe I’ve found a home

About 1992
transcribed this time
8:43 am



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