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Thursday, October 02, 2008

There You Are

There you are

There you are with that bright light
Of intensity sensuality and charm
There you are as you were when
When at first my heart was disarmed

I don’t know where you went
I don’t know where you’ve been
All I know is that there was real magic
And a clarity of intentions to attend

To the sacred gifts of eternal everyday
To the sun rising in the morn
When at first we have to live
We simply live because we were born

But somewhere along the line
There may come a discovery of re-birth
And then we have to return to the disciplines
If there is to be any real meaning or any worth

Mortal law has never been my moral compass
I am not easily dealt with or understood
Because if justice rules the land all hail King Arthur
And if not I will more than likely lean toward Robin Hood

7:54 pm
transcribed this time
10:32 pm



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