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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I must have forgotten my place

Only the white man is full blown evil
Only the white man is completely to blame
That’s why they should be individually targeted
That’s why they should be hunted as the game

Other white men should sell them out
To prove they are not rotten to the core
Who else would back a not right white man
But a bigoted race hater traitor spawn of a whore

Many levels of justification have been left
Strewn around and planted in deliberate places
Let it be known these are but for the sole use
Of those who are now deemed inheritors of the graces

The black man the brown man and the yellow
These are the new saviors of the world
These are what should be presented as the
Ultimate mate to every woman of the world

Only the white man is full blown evil
And all should be done to exterminate his kind
He should be degraded and discouraged
At every endeavor he makes body soul or mind

Some of it should be subtle and barely perceptible
Some of it should appear as unintentional
Some of it should be classified as secret
And never be revealed or in anyway mentionable

And yet of course some of it should be rude and coarse
This should be done by the secondary pawns
The thugs the slugs the wanna be hard guys should engage
In a manner that let’s the initiator slip slime away get up and gone

Even this brief on the action witnessed at much peril
Should be cast aside and dismissed but the crazy ravings
Of a lunatic long ago gone over the edge for the old dead ways
Who still thinks there are values worthy of protection and saving

Out of date old fashion traits like blood and honor
Long ago forgotten purpose like knowing who you are
The courage and endurance to crawl through endless mud
Because once you’ve heard what thunder and lightning can say

You belong to the night the wind and the stars

1:41 am
transcribed this time
1:51 pm



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