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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mike Russell is a Son of a Bitch

If you’re lookin for an Angel
Go someplace else
This isn’t going to improve his rep
But I kinda like’m myself

I like his balls of etiquette
His intellect sharp as a battle ax
He could be there before during or after
Cheating as usual by actually using real facts

He bent the rules when it suited him
He broke them to survive
And if I hadn’t learned a few of his tricks
His punches and kicks I wouldn’t be alive

To irritate the many assholes
Who think they run this world
Both of us have been real nice guys
And would never ever have dreamed

Of bein with the same girl

And once upon a time
I jumped over the moon
Never make your move too late
And sometimes more importantly

Never make your move too soon

I asked his opinion once about something I wrote
Although in that area it’s rare from anybody
I pursue it
He said you know to me it looks a lot like
Circumstantial evidence dripping venom
With your name written in blood
Signed to it


Might I reiterate

Mike Russell is a Son of a Bitch
And I feel sorry for anybody who’s ride
Hasn’t ever taken them to some God forsaken place
Where you haven’t been damn glad

Somebody like him was on your side

2:37 pm


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