neilsthepoet blog: October 2005

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Oh yes I do go on

Like I never cried
Any tears for you

I go on everyday
Like I don’t miss you
And the dreams we shared
When the sun was out

And you held my hand
And faced my darkness down
When you gave me back courage
And took away my doubts

Oh yes I go on

Like I never cried
Any tears for you
Like there was anything at all
Important left in this world to do

I go on everyday
Till it takes me into the night
Where the silent stillness comes
And there is no place that is right

Within my troubled mind
Within my aching breaking heart
Like my soul will ever find its way
Again to that clean warm place to start

Where it will be but a memory
Whispering your name into the dark
And remembering those long ago kisses
That have left their still burning marks

Oh yes yes
I do go on

Like broken angel wings
Are coming to pull me through
To where I can lie and die for them

And say

I never .... never
Cried any tears for you

Except for this river
This river that is
So tragically mystically
Deep and blue

5:11 am