neilsthepoet blog: May 2005

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Another song....from the snake pit

I m is nothing

But a succubus when it suits her mood
She's used to geting her selfish way
She's used to winning the day by being rude

The only male she'll tolerate is the one
Who'll tuck his tail between his legs
The only one that she'll let close
Is one who gets down on his knees and begs

And that goes for his sacred spirit
His holy body and mind
Nothing is of value to her from a man
Unless she controls the place and time

She is hollow like the foul smoke blowing
From a sarcophagus' pyre or a cauldrons steam
She favors the flavors of reptilian spices
And the ground up remains of her lovers dreams

Incapable of being faithful she always chooses
Her entry on interaction that is actually living a lie
She knows the difference but just doesn't care
She finds it intriguing to watch tenderness die

She interrupts the man she says she's with
She takes over his lead and own individual stand
And he must and will have to accept this or
He will definitely not be her kind of man

She can tell when she's been recognized
And that's when her claws come out to rip apart
She's the kind that you have to come to accept
That can only be stopped

By a stake
Being driven through her heart

1:06 pm

Laugh it off

Laugh it off dipstick
Laugh it all off

Laugh it all off through the blood
Seeping inbetween your teeth and lips
Laugh it off as you stumble forth
And on your own urine begin to slip

As you go down crying for the mercy your
Smart ass nature never gave anybody else
The only person you've ever shown dedication
To is your own lousy stinking self

Laugh it all off loser in the world you are
By your actions and words creating
Hold everybody else responsible for
All the anger getting loose and hating

Punk on you arrogant adolescent
You instigating irritating imitation male
Keep pumpin out that mouthy maliciousness
Keep workin that same old frail stale trail

And think of me when you begin to break
Think of me when you want one more chance
Think of me and the disregard you've shown
When nobody's diggin you're prissy hissy fit dance

And laugh it off
Laugh it off dipstick

Laugh it all off through the blood
Seeping inbetween your teeth and lips
Laugh it off as you stumble forth
And on your own urine begin to slip

As the boots start reigning down
Into your chest liver face and spine
And your disguise of lies starts to die
Think of me...............

One more time

4:58 pm
note of legal disclaimer
No intent of outlaw violence is intended
or directed toward any particular
group or person no matter to what slime crime
thought pattern they are inclined

transcribed this time
5:15 pm

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Job Interview technique # 6

Lean back relax

Ask for the money you really deserve
Tell them nobody pushes you around
Tell them no I'm not trying to upset you
All the people that really upset me

Are buried in the ground

Try to get a good car out of them
One that has some get up and go
Ask right off about vacation time
And if that little receptionist out front

Is worth getting to know

Look directly into the interviewers eyes
And ask is the boss here truthfully a head case
Then laugh and tell them you'd be glad if he is
Cause people like that make you feel like

You fit right into the place

And one last thing terminate the interview
By leaving and slamming the door behind you
And then poke your head back in and say
Ha.....I just wanted to see what you'd do

And then I'd find a bar
But that's me

1:19 pm
transcribed this time
1:34 am

Monday, May 16, 2005

How have I gone on

How have I gone this far

Without your wisdom to guide me
Without your bright shining light
To show me the way of truth
Of what is strong and right

How have I struggled through
Without your diamond insight
Without your guidance about
What is the most just fight

I feel as though I've been blind
Before this privileged access to your wit
Should I bow before your feet
Or just politely cross my legs and sit

Beam on oh herald of the revealing
Of the ancient and old hard ways
Tell me all the secrets of healing
And the courage it takes to meet the day

I am humbled and overwhelmed
At your attention to nuance and detail
Surely if I can but learn your way
I will most assuredly never fail

12:17 am
transcribed this time
8:31 pm

Sometimes we are only as free

Love is not endlessly tolerating

Those that berate criticize and demean
Is not endlessly putting up with ridicule
Is not always coming away feeling unclean

Sometimes fire is necessary
To take it all back down to the source
Sometimes lightning and thunder
Are part of walking a courageous course

You do not have to lose control
To put an end to degradation and shame
You may have to risk and take a chance
You may have to with faith face the pain

Stand up for yourself stand up for truth
Stand up for those for whom you deeply care
Draw the line say it straight out
Sometimes we are only as free as we dare

7:00 pm
transcribed this time
7:04 pm

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A pitaful wail pierces the night

A pitaful wail pierces the night

She carries her burden of aloneness
Like a tumor on her shoulder
She huddles with licentiousness
To keep from becoming colder

She wanders into the damp and dark
Never admiting to her fear or plight
She does not dare step off the path
For what then would fill her sight

There is nothing left of feeling
But what more could be taken away
Who has put this curse upon this child
Who will help her find the light of day

She wants you to think she's angry
When she is but periously lost
Who has put this spell upon her
Who leaves her here to pay this cost

10:20 pm
transcribed this time
10:22 pm

I'm not insulting you

I'm not insulting you
I'm describing you.

You are gutless and you act like a twerp
An impolite little blow up doll of over reaction
You slip and slide around in your own muck
It's no wonder you can't get any traction

You're deceitful and don't even try
To lay down any decent sense of a foundation
It can be seen within a few sentences
That your main goal is not communication

You seem attracted to some sort of
Surface level of flashy trashy displays of power
You seem to stomp around in the garden
As if you can not tell a weed from a flower

You will only see what you see in yourself
You will only be as free as you dare to be free
The question will be the limit of it's own answer
If it is only presented negatively

5:30 pm
transcribed this time
5:34 pm

Friday, May 06, 2005

I've had enough

I've had enough

I've had enough of clever words
I've had enough of rabbit holes
I'd prefer flighty to refer to birds
I'd rather deal with the whole of the soul

I've had enough of dodge and duck
I've had enough of wriggling room
I'd rather rely on sweat and not dumb luck
Who needs a witch with or without a broom

I don't like imitation human beings
I don't need pretend men
Just say straight out what you're seeing
And don't stand up for truth

Only every now and then

Because I've had enough
Of the mocking and ridicule
That comes from an arrogance
Entrenched and as stubborn as a mule

Don't talk basic and down with me
About the hard work of what has to be done
And then when the first verbal fire fight jumps off
Conveniently have some other place you have to run

I give you credit for your past
And all the good you've achieved
But I've not been the one here
Who in any way sought to decieve

All that happened was

I heard my name called
I answered like a man
I presented honest and real
When I took my stand

I don't need the sweet seduction
Of a bunch of soft fluff
I don't need the false assurance
Of always looking tough


I'm not swimming with anchors
I don't need shirts overly stuffed
I think it says what I mean when I say

I've had enough

I've had enough of clever words
I've had enough of rabbit holes
I'd prefer flighty to refer to birds
I'd rather deal with the whole of the soul

10:04 pm
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7:24 am