neilsthepoet blog: January 2005

Sunday, January 23, 2005



Can't wolves drink at your river
Can't you look in their eyes
Does it make you uncomfortable
That you've told them lies

Is this natural resource yours
Is it all your private domain
Are you the King or Queen of nothing
Enjoying a meaningless reign

Can't wolves howl on your plateau
Can't they run on your ground
Do you tremble at their very sight
Do you shudder at their sound

Can't wolves nose around
Or play their mating game
Or is there only safety in
Everything and everyone being the same

Don't you like their slavering jowels
Their back hair up intensity
Don't you ever wonder
What it is they see

Hunting in a pack
Or loning it out there somewhere
Have you thought about
What's on the other side of that stare

A fire that only nature builds
A nose to smell for miles
Pads cunning and canine teeth
To meet the challenging trials

A heart to protect their young
A soul to love their mate
The courage of their blood
To deal with the fates

Don't you love their throaty growl
There fight or flight reality
The older ones nudging pups
And doing so tenderly

The mate who takes the lead
The process of natural selection
The basic drives that go
To create their direction

Does it bother you to know
They have chosen to sometimes flee
Rather than to met out
Only savagry

Does it bother you to know
They have compassion too
Or is understanding only for
Those who are subdued

They are wild and they are beasts
They are willful and they are strong
What is lacking inside of those
Who say they don't belong

Don't you like their slavering jowels
Their back hair up intensity
Don't you ever wonder
What it is they see

transcribed this time
2:23 pm

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

In the sorrow of the shadow

In the sorrow of the shadow

They will hurt you with rumors
They will hurt you with lies if they can
They will try to get in your way
They will try to interrupt your plan

They will say one thing to your face
And another behind your back
They are always into undermining
That is what they are and their attack

They are arrogant and spiteful
They are petty and small
They are full of deciet and conceit
And if they can't win then they stall

They are the death wish incarnate
They play to the ways of demise
They adore the score of the loser

They seek abject negativity as their prize

They will hurt whoever believes in anything
Anything that does not take its cue
From their downward spiraling flame out
They hate anything beautiful and true

They will do it everytime
They get the angle or the chance
They are dread dependency and degradation
They bring the cancer to the dance

6:33 pm
transcribed this time
6:30 pm

I don't remember

I don't remember
Where you live

I live

In the world of dreams
Of Nightmares
And blood baths

Punctuated by screams

That no one hears
Or at least they act that way
So little time so little light
There will never be another day

Take them with you to their coffins
Take them with you to their graves
Stand above them with the stones
As the only soul that's left to save

And bring the heavens down
Amidst the thundering pouring rain
Let lightning be the last redemption
From endless suffering and pain

And sign your name in the dirt
You pull up over your face
As you lay down for that last sleep
And say good bye to grace

10:18 pm
transcribed this time
6:18 pm

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Garden

The garden

The garden is overgrown
Like it somehow escaped plans
And went on about its business
Without this mortal man

The portulaca's gone rampant
And the climbing rose has a runner
About as long as this spring
Has taken to get to summer

The rain's been pouring down
The cana lillies have quite an array
Like they ever needed that much

Zinnias are poppin up through
All that stuff with yellow flowers
Not many leisurely afternoons
But here in the deep night hours

Offering up its vines
Offering up its weeds
Still there to touch
Untamed beauty from wild seeds

about 1993
transcribed this time
12:17 pm

Thursday, January 06, 2005

From you seed

From you seed

New life has just begun
And with it that beauty
Residing in the
Ancient wise or blooming young

And although
Is thy fate
To return to dust

You hold not back
With appreciation
As a must

about 1972
transcribed this time
9:53 am

The Challenge

The Moon's Rays
Shall be covered by darkness
And none but mine
Eyes shall see

The blood and guts
Shall flow into rivers
Untill they form
A veritable sea

And there at the banks
Of their sorrow
Shall I
Gloatingly squat and stare

For mine are the powers
That are granted
By the multitudinous fools
Grown unaware

And this
Is my challenge
And you are my courage
Accept it if you dare

And I'll even tell you
To your face
Everytime you tremble
The rivers shall rise

I swear

about 1972
transcribed this time
9:49 am

One for fun

I'm a river boat gambler
I'm a Mississippi scrambler
I'm a livin
Breathin lie

That's why all these
Dealins that I'm doin
Are just the things
That I'm pursuin

While waitin on the day
That I can die

And if you don't believe
This is the
Tight walk truth
In platitudes

Then you can
My diamond rings
My fancy flings my everything

My don't care attitude

about 1972
transcribed this time
9:42 am

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Warriors Rags

Warriors rags worn
Like the robe of the King
Peasants voices in the fields
As fine as any minstrals sing

Of a time of mourning
Though the grackles screech
And the bamboo dancing in the wind
Does reach

A warm place
In a tearful heart
Where forces fought against you
But joy did her part

And left you
Ready to face
The trembling uncertainty
The gentle saving grace

October 1987
transribed this time
8:19 pm
From the manuscript
Street Animal

I never read

I never read the chapter
Where loves pages from the book are torn
But I have seen the wounded
Open to ridicule and scorn

transcribed this time
8:08 pm
From the manuscript
Street Animal