neilsthepoet blog: December 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

But on the other hand

At least it's cold
And I can feel it in my bones
At least I'm tired and that's
Exacerbating being alone

At least the food
Is getting down to minimum rations
Who'd have guessed rice and beans
Are coming back in fashion

At least the cat peed
On my blanket and bed
At least I'm equally
Worn and tattered

In my body soul and head

11:17 am
transcribed this time
11:31 am


Monday, December 19, 2005

Born Again

Born again
On the winds of time

I came by to the trails end
To see if I could find
A friend of mine

But alas
All I could achieve or leave
With my present luck

Is this note
And the worn tire tracks

My outlaw truck

12:27 pm
transcribed this time
4:50 pm


The Difference

Please help me to remember
Something really slick
Some turn of the wrist
That will do the trick

And land me in that adulation
Amounting to fame
Whatever it is whatever it takes
To spread my name

I don’t want it to be a tool
To achieve anything worthwhile
Cause I’m sellin it hard in River City
With a smile


I believe in entertainment
For entertainment’s sake
I’m working the room
Tryin to get my lucky break

Popularity that’s the ticket
All the way to the stars
Nothing too controversial
Because…..I’m goin far

Some of you might think
I’m sellin out other artists see
Only imitating those who
Actually deal with reality


Gigs are hard to come by man

Can you tell the difference between
Packaging and talent

I can….

written about 1993
transcribed this time
4:30 pm


Monday, December 05, 2005

Perforate and Sever

I’m going to cut you open
I’m going to cut you wide and deep
I’m not going to be killed or harmed
By some violent hopped up creep

I’m going to practice my draw
I’m going to practice my style
I’m going open your body to
Add a new red gaping smile

The targets on you are many
And my aim will be true
My will will be resolved
And I practice what I need to do

And that’s open your neck
With a carotid cut on either side
Or a thrust in hard with a twist
To open the wound up wide

And be it blade down or up
I’m not looking for any trouble
But if you’re going to come at me
You’re going to get it back double

10:06 am
*edit changes
12:28 pm



Hunger for transcendence
Unanswered are your prayers
Is your performance dependent
On a truth or dare

Concept for the reckoning
Chariots swingin low
Angels with singing swords
What a way to go

Four horseman riding hard
The grim reapers silent form
The appearance of a cold wind
Sudden violence in a storm

All the hosts are gathering
Offer them up emptiness
Bring forth your newborn
Let them know this hollow bliss the river
Styx is not a myth
Reach out for your guardian
See who you’re with

Explode into a thousand fragments
Smile a deaths head grin
Consciousness is screaming

Who will let it in

About 1993
Written and read during
The Ed’s Poets Society gatherings
transcribed this time
12:30 pm