neilsthepoet blog: October 2004

Sunday, October 31, 2004

No one

No one ever wore any armor
No one ever carried cold steel
No one ever wove chain metal
Or presented their crest for real

No one ever rode a horse
Ceremoniously raised their lance
To lower it for the offered scarf
Chivalry never spoke through romance

No one ever heralded trumpets
Pennants never waved in wind
Oaths were never sworn in blood
There never ever were such men

about 1994

Saturday, October 30, 2004

And how much at times

I thought

I thought I saw a flicker of hope
Dance across loves eyes
But it was only freedom's wound
Bleeding from the lies

I thought I saw a chance
For just cause to go ahead
But it was only the subconscious
Moving in fear and dread

I thought I saw the wind
Blow light upon the trees
But it was only deaths wings
Passing close to me

And I thought of that last breath
And how life is all right there
Balanced upon the precipice
And how much at times

We are asked to bear

about 1994
transcribed this time
6:22 am

Friday, October 29, 2004

The Ramparts

Son will be turned against father
Father will be turned against son
Mother will be turned against daughter
The ramparts will be over run

The sky will turn dark then black
Loathsome things will roam the land
Wild dogs will run in packs
And there will be no one to understand

The plaintiff cry of the weak
The aching hunger of those alone
And barter if done at all
Will be for sex food or precious stones

Ancient tribalism will return
And the rule will be by brutal power
Dead bodies will be a common sight
Wrists bound and tortured for hours

Hunting and scavenging for food
Bands will search abandoned structures
Going in through the blown out sides
Made by the gas pipes violent ruptures

Electricity will end except in a few
Remote areas planned for in advance
Some will survive by skill and determination
And as always a few by idiot chance

Certain people will be shot on sight
Justice will be acted out in open view
And it won’t be by what people know
It’ll be by what people can do….

Some people don’t think it will happen
Some people say so what if it does
They don’t give a damn where we’re going
They’re getting by fine on what was

These are the truly useless
These are the scum of the earth
Who know their fair share in everything
But not what one drop of blood is worth

Sometime in 1994
transcribed this time
11:51 pm

I dream

I dream

I dream of having a country place
Where I can live with all my cats and dogs
Where I can grow myself a free form garden
Where I can sit and think on an old rotting log

I long to be free of this urbanity
With all its regulations codes and rules
Where nosey neighbors don't mind their business
And go pokin about and being meddlesome fools

I want to see a sunrise come up over a hill
I want to hear the birds start to chirp and sing
I would like to have a front porch to sit on
I'd like to get back to the simple things

I'd like to grow a few crops
I'd like to go fishin on some pond
I'd like to let my mind rest inside
Some natural scenes to which I'd grow quite fond

I'd like to yell out my back door
Straight out to the moon the stars and sky
I'd like to lay out in my front yard and watch
Some puffy white clouds drift over and by

I dream of a dream within a dream
I dream of you and I taking an evening walk
And how we'd learn how to love this life
Learn how to be friends and laugh and talk

7:44 pm
transcribed this time
6:30 am

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Many are the acts of bravery

Many are the acts of bravery

Many are the acts of bravery
That go unrecorded anywhere
Many are the seeds of hope
That in the end have no fruit to bear

Many are the ones who are deaf
To songs of depth and insight
Many are the one who listen
But for their turn to say they're right

Many are the judgemental voices
That cut and slice and pry
Before they've looked inside themselves
And have had to answer why

Many are the feelings that are blunted
To anothers pain and sorrow
And how they've had to struggle
To make it till tommorrow

Many are the roads that are taken
And many are the stars that shine
But they do so to no lesser degree
For having been seen only by

These eyes of mine


written about 1996
transcribed this time
6:57 pm

There are quieter moments

There are quieter moments

When the heartbeat can be heard
When tears mist up in the eyes
When thankful is not a thought
But a state of being free of lies

When the dogs wag their tales
And you pat them on the head
And there’s no place else on earth
You’d rather be instead

Then in the presence of the ones
Who love you like they do
When it touches you deeply
Completely through and through


You see the gifts that they are bearing
Are their open arms
And their smiles and laughter
Fill the air with charms

And even sadness gives in a little
And ebbs back with its flow
What blessings are these moments
What times these are to know

3:06 pm
transcribed this time
6:18 pm

A river that has called my name Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A country road Posted by Hello

Monday Evening

Monday evening
And into the night
We stood watch
For word of the fight

But we wanted our news straight
We wanted it solid truthful and sound
From those with heart and soul
From those with their ear to the ground


The Humvee runs
And the Bradley runs
And the Scout sniper teams
Getting the job done

In the brown rubble
Bouncing down the street
Sweat pouring down
From the Mid East Heat

It used to be patrols
And now it's this
It's the changing glove
But the same iron fist

Strong competent officers
Sturdy steadfast NCO's
Workin as a team
Damn well ready to roll

Every man workin
Stepping up to the line
Each doing what it takes
Because they're the adaptable kind

Words from the son to the father
And then the father to me
"No men I'd rather be with
No place else I'd rather be"

He obviously means what he says
And says what he means
He wears the Eagle Globe and Anchor
He is a United States Marine

11:18 pm
transcribed this time
7:07 pm

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Heart Beats With A Rage

My Heart Beats With A Rage

That will not turn down it’s heat
That will not turn down the rate
At which it rises up to the beat

Like an avenging angel
That swings a singing sword of steel
I am here to back every man
That brings a justice hard and real

To the sick and the depraved
To the dark and evil side
I’m here to back every man
That crushes out the life and pride

Of every child murderer
Of every Islamo Facist thug
I am all for the eternal moment of silence
That is his body laid out on his prayer rug

Death to all terrorists
To all those who call us Infidel
And be it land sea or air
They are just pathways to Hell

For those who have attacked
This land that I call my home
To those who slaughter the innocent
The soft targets do not stand alone

We are coming for your lives
Your twisted shields of hate
Will not protect you anymore
From what you have earned as your fate

5:42 pm
transcribed this time
2:07 pm

I haven't met a vet yet

I haven't met a vet yet

Who did any hard combat time
That thought kerry was worth spit
That thought he wasn't out for himself
Before he thought of the soldiers one bit

He proved that by how he left
His men to fend on their own
While he took advantage of a technicality
And took the next flight home

He is what he is
And what he was when he came back
A lying opportunist like jane fonda
A propagandistic pathetic hack

He betrayed everybody still in country
He's actually listed as a communist hero
His plaque hangs in Hanoi's war museum
His tribute to being a useful idiot zero

He voted against all the weapons
The modern day troopers use to fight
He voted to cancel intelligence funding
Yet criticizes everything in sight

Like he's got a better plan
One where we all get to pass a global test
Before we're allowed to defend ourselves
And only if France says we've done our best

He's a lying sack who will absolutely sell out
Every sacrifice that's already been made
He's got no guts to hang in anywhere
He'll just curtsy and diplomatically fade

2:47 pm
*transcribed this time
7:52 am

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I know this has been said before

I know this has been said before


I have such a viceral hatred of kerry
Everytime I see his face
I loath this pretend man this fraud
For stinking up the place

Where ever he is
Or where ever he goes
All he's got is that he's
Just doing it for show

I despise this pompous ass
All the way down to my core
Who the Hell can not be sickened
By someone admired by Michael Moore

He's a rotten stinking liar
He's here to sell the United States out
He's here to waste troops lives
He'll do it without a doubt

If the low life scum of the world
Put their favorite loser in power
We are in a war for our very lives
We are on the edge of doomsday's hour

He's rude arrogant and selfish
He's small petty and filled with pride
He's a glory seeker who will bargain away
What it is alone for America to decide

8:40 pm
transcribed this time
9:14 am