neilsthepoet blog: April 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everybody wants to be strong Nobody wants to work on their weaknesses

I like to disagree

I like to hold a grudge
I don't like to work things out
I like to mood and brood
And cast out about a lot of doubt

Trauma drama is the best
The kind that hurts real deep
Why not everybody else does it
Why not be a creep

I don't want an honest conversation
I don't want it simple and direct
I like to look at it like you owe me
And I'm just here to collect

Oh I can be aggressive
Or be like a broken winged dove
What ever it takes to break a heart
What ever it takes to desicrate love

Look at me Look at me
Look look look at how innocent I am
Only you are the wolf in sheeps clothing
Only I am the sacred gentle lamb

It's as hard to tell who's a liar
As it is to know if the sun is hot
It's hard to know if a soul is clean
Especially one that's been recently bought

Don't come at me with that sorrowful look
Your pain gains no solice here
I won't weep for your wounded pride
And I won't drink of your bitter tears

10:47 pm
transcribed this time
12:36 am


Camping in the Cabin

At the farm

There in the quiet of the evening
Beneath an Oklahoma sky
There was a moment of peace
And Relaxation between you and I

The geese were overhead
The goats were on the ground
The fire was the fire with
All it's light and crackling sounds

We were drinking coffee
And plotting to take over the world
But somehow got distracted
And started talkin about the girls

11:08 am

Monday, April 26, 2010

More inside info

More inside info on the
dog conspiracies goin around

Be advised

They are known to be loyal
Even though they'll eat bugs
And are some how forgivable
Even when they shit on the rug

They're glad to see us
If we're gone five minutes or all day
Their intentions are clear even if
All they've got is a smile and a tail

To say what they've got to say

I've known more dogs
That have been a better friend
Than those two legged creatures
Whose kindness is mostly pretend

Give me that mania
Jumping up on the bed
Let me hide beneath the covers
To keep my face and head

From such honest enthusiasm
In the dawns early light
They're honest in their affection
And yet merciless in protecting me

Come need of a fight

Man they eat a lot
But I vow they'll never lack
Even though they chew up
My socks gloves and hat

9:28 am
transcribed this time
9:32 am