neilsthepoet blog: January 2008

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It didn't make any difference

That I had been in Vietnam
And I had been in the Corp
When my mother passed away
It was like nothing ever before

It didn't make any difference

If I had been in martial arts
For years and years
Nothing stopped that emptiness
The aching or the tears

It didn't make any difference

If I had read all about eternal truth
Or knew the books through and through
Before it had just been a saying
Unless it personally happens to you

I'd loved and lost
And loved and lost yet again
But never before had I felt the shock
Of the world come to such an end

I'd been a man a long long time
I had struggled deep to find my soul
But I'm tellin you when my mom passed
I felt like I was nine years old

And completely inconsolable
Completely beyond any reach
I was tossed out on agonies seas
I was torn from the living breech

And I don't know how I went on
I don't until this very day
But yet now with the passing of time
I hear her voice I feel her caring

About how I make my way

With love

3:34 pm
transcribed this time
3:42 pm