neilsthepoet blog: May 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I've always thought

Laughter is
Crying so hard and fast
Your soul takes flight on wings
And transcends into that moment

That may not last

But let's us take a
Peek into the Eternity
That is always here but not
Always that easy to see

It's what lifts us up
It's what clears the air
As tears roll down our cheeks
As we rediscover another someone

Dares to care

9:38 am
transcribed this time
10:32 am


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Comin straight out of the sun

Coming straight out of the sun
Or crawlin up from the gutter
It's send me a dozen roses
Or please pass the butter

When steam slowly rises
Up from black top grates
There's something in the air
Is it ever too early or late

For razor wire on fences
That we go strolling past
There's majic in the moment
How do we make it last

There's danger on the catwalk
But hormones rule and doves
Are mutually exclusive
As starlite twinkles above

Dogs howlin in the night
This mist is rollin in
Thrown out with the bathwater
But baby wants to take a spin

That's good..she says
As I finish living lines
She's laying on the bed
Looking feeling feline fine

Water running in the sink
A mane of lustrious hair
A small kiss on the cheek
And I was damn glad she was there

Didn't get to these last ones
But then again she might
There's a siren song approaching
And a full moon out tonight

about 1993
Real love does walk this earth
and can give us strength purpose
and worth...
transcribed this time
2:05 pm