neilsthepoet blog: July 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009


And then he’s not there

To jump up and snatch that dry dog bone
And scoot down the hall and make you feel you’re
Not so all alone and that you do live in a home

How can such a baby so alive die
How can such a little one so loved pass
How can my rag shaking terrier terror
Have left me so fast

I miss him so much already
Did I do something to cause this
Maybe he was trying to tell me something
And it ended up something I missed

I wish I had a whole bunch of white
Hairs all over my shirt
I wish that my heart wasn’t so
Full of emptiness and hurt

He used to jump up in the chair
And sit right in my lap
And if I were real real still
He’d even rest and take a light nap

He used to sit right in front of lightning
Right there in the curve of his chest
Jack was one of the biggest little dogs ever
Jack was definitely one of the best

Now everything I do is the first time
I’ve done it without him being there
Pet and hug them all while they’re with you
Let them know you really care

It could have been the heat
The air conditioner froze up
I got too busy with the idiots
Who seem to dig being corrupt

I brought a big dog in
Maybe that created stress
Am I being too self reflective
Too self blaming it’s anybody’s guess


I buried him out a country road
And now when I run past I know that he is there
He went so young and beautiful
I still feel his presence every where

What’ll I do with those little sausages
He loved to eat those
Along with red ground chuck meat
Rolled up into little rows

Not that he couldn’t wolf down chicken
He was all the other dog’s friend
And he was definitely more than one to me
And he did it that way until the very end

I miss his joyous energy in the morning
Welcoming me to the day
I miss his jumping on my face
And now tears are all I have to say

Nothing seems the same
Knowing he’s not right outside that door
Even as I write this it’s hard …..hard
To know he’s not going to be there anymore

I miss you Jack
I love you Jack
Jack Jack the maniac
I love you I love you
And you’re never coming back

12:28 am
get your dogs wormed
don’t let the world take them
out of turn
do all that you can
it’ll make you a better person
it’ll make you a better man


Friday, July 10, 2009

Little Jack has passed away

He suddenly went down
He was lying next to me in bed
And his stillness caught my attention
Because he was always something else instead

An alive ball of energy
The original creative little ball of fun
And now his time is over
His time on this earth is done

And I love him for his memories
His aliveness and his spark
He was always right there with the pack
Adding in his little bark

He had a big heart
And god knows a friendly smile
I had found him as a puppy
Coming back from a run of ten miles

I've got to see if he was poisoned
Because he went too sudden and quick
I got to know if darkness is moving
And doing what is inhumanly sick

Maybe the new big dog
Hurt him I don't know
He went so quick not even time to
Take him to the vet ahhh man I loved him so

And he certainly loved me back
A terrier with a big big heart
He had turned into solid muscle
And certainly tried to do his part

I just don't know what happened
Now all of a sudden he's still
I'll honor him the best I can
I will pay tribute to the strengths

Of his love and energy and will

12:15 am

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I've got dogs

I've got dogs
In my back yard

Woderful dogs
Medium sized dogs
That run around and play
And jump about

Dogs that want to go inside
Unless they're there
And then
They want to go back out....

11:07 am
transcribed this time
11:38 am


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mike Russell is a Son of a Bitch

If you’re lookin for an Angel
Go someplace else
This isn’t going to improve his rep
But I kinda like’m myself

I like his balls of etiquette
His intellect sharp as a battle ax
He could be there before during or after
Cheating as usual by actually using real facts

He bent the rules when it suited him
He broke them to survive
And if I hadn’t learned a few of his tricks
His punches and kicks I wouldn’t be alive

To irritate the many assholes
Who think they run this world
Both of us have been real nice guys
And would never ever have dreamed

Of bein with the same girl

And once upon a time
I jumped over the moon
Never make your move too late
And sometimes more importantly

Never make your move too soon

I asked his opinion once about something I wrote
Although in that area it’s rare from anybody
I pursue it
He said you know to me it looks a lot like
Circumstantial evidence dripping venom
With your name written in blood
Signed to it


Might I reiterate

Mike Russell is a Son of a Bitch
And I feel sorry for anybody who’s ride
Hasn’t ever taken them to some God forsaken place
Where you haven’t been damn glad

Somebody like him was on your side

2:37 pm