neilsthepoet blog: February 2005

Monday, February 28, 2005

It took three days

It took three days

I heard a story about you
Just the other day
Don’t need to hear your view
There’s nothing left for you to say

Two sides to a story
And sometimes to a face
Ah yes the price of glory
Will put you in your place

You can give away your silver
You can give away your gold
You can give away your friends
On the way to getting old

Can always get more silver
Can always get more gold
But love and trust and friendship
Don’t think I’d care to be that bold

transcribed this time
11:05 am

Friday, February 25, 2005

Sometimes the soul is sad

Sometimes the soul is sad

Sometimes we just need to be held
Sometimes we need to hear I care
Sometimes we need to be loved
Maybe we need that breath of fresh air

Some laughter and some dancing
Some book or the touch of anothers hand
Sometimes we need each other
To remember that magic that exists

Between a woman and a man

10:44 am
transcribed this time
10:53 am

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

What more do you need

You know you have

You've felt the spirit moving
In music on a sunny day
When someone you like
Spoke to you in a certain way

You've seen it in dogs and cats
Children laughing out loud
Or when they've accomplished
Something that made them proud

Irrational exists next to rational
The logical right next to the unexplained
Where is it that courage comes from
When sometimes we have to face the pain

What is a flower
What is a bird in flight
What is that place
That night starts to turn

Into light

9:39 am
transcribed this time
7:27 pm

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yes there are primal screams in some of my dreams

Guns fun
Drinkin thinkin
And Leather Jackets

I’ve done it with my heart
I’ve done it with my soul
I’ve done it in the name of love
I’ve done it in the name of Rock N Roll

I’ve worn a leather jacket
I’ve been drunk a time or two
But I’ve always owned up
To the hard core one true view

I’ve carried a rifle and a knife
And grenades as well
I’ve stood sweat soaked in fear
And stared straight into the gates of Hell

I’ve been rescued by angels
I’ve laughed with good men in my time
I’ve been humbled by natures beauty
And the wonders of an intelligent mind

I’ve pushed the boundaries
And I’ve been pushed back
I’ve seen it raining steel and pain
I’ve done my best to weather the attacks

And I still like to dance
I like to sing my song
And I still like to be around those
Who at least sometimes think

I kind of at least slightly belong

8:15 pm
transcribed this time
8:21 pm

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

To some

To some

Nobody will ever be better than their dead heroes
It's always been safer like that
There's nothing like some mortal walking around
Screwing up the legendary facts

Moving and laughing and making mistakes
Struggling to keep some shred of integrity alive
Always on the edge of some inappropriate conversation
Like some how mortality and destiny could ever survive

At least on the physical plane
Where we mere humans toil and trouble and bleed
Wondering what it is we're looking for when
We don't know the difference between want and need

But still there are those glimmering moments
Those sparkles of light like stars and embered fires
As we search ever on for those still waters
Fed by the springs of boiling raging uncaged desire

What a mixed up bag of miracles at best
What a nightmare of horror and suffering pain
Who is it that knows not the jokers plight
Who is it that knows not the holy mans shame

Aren't we all so much cleaner after mr death
Has made his call and extracted his toll
Perhaps if we waited for that last perfect breath
We wouldn't have to contend with the vagaries

Of this living ragged soul

But then where would be the joy of tears
Where would be redemption and salvation
If no one ever went past judgments fears
Or ever dared to their own creations

8:47 pm
transcribed this time
11:30 pm

What if I left my humor at the door

What if I left my humor at the door

And picked up my rottweiller's chain
Put on my Jack Boots
And did a dance inside your brain

What if I shot gunned open the lock
Because you didn't answer soon enough
That wouldn't be too hard edged for you
You bein a guy that's all rough and tough

You can tell when somebody
Is callin your bluff
You're plenty mentally flexible
You're not puffin up a bunch of fluff

Come on wizard dance out here
In the lightning and the thunder
Show us your insight into the light
And world of spiritual wonder

Or bring us to our knees
With tears of humility and grace
Take us to a level of understanding
Be here the example of wisdom

That you say comes from this other place

10:35 pm
transcribed this time
11:23 pm

Saturday, February 12, 2005

How am I doin

How am I doin
I'm doin

Wading through the opportunists
Walking around the charades parade
Still back packin under the sun
Still occasionally layin out in the shade

I'm doin it like a sketptic
That's been told too many lies
Who still remembers all the beauty
That was ever enough to make him cry

I'm doin it like a lost child
Looking for his mother
Like a fighter who would not desert
Or leave behind his brother

I'm doin it like the laundry
Like the everyday
Like it still counts what you do
It still matters what you say

I'm doin it believing determination
And skill can touch everything
But knowin that's it's the embers and flames
That makes the musics movement sing

1:07 pm
transcribed this time
10:56 pm

Thursday, February 10, 2005

In that moment of eternity

In that moment of eternity

Quietly the river flowed
As the leaves drifted down its stream
Whirling swirling fancifully dancing
As if in some light miracled dream

The birds were up in the trees
That lined all along the river banks
Singing up a storm with their little hearts
Offering up a chance

To give some proper thanks

For the turtles and the fishes
The insects the leaves and trees
All this interwoven symphony of life
All there calling out to me

What warmth there was in the sun
Up there in that big blue sky
What luxury and treasure radiating
Filling up my heart and eyes

How my soul opened up
In that moment of timeless time
In that moment of eternity
That flooded my senses

And opened my mind

How do you say thank you
To a love stronger than death
Sometimes I shout it to the world
Sometimes I whisper it under my breath

But mostly I look back at it
And try to help out where I can
And remember those who did the
Same for me

When I did not understand

11:36 pm

Monday, February 07, 2005

As relates to abilities

As relates to abilities

A man should be able to build a house
A man should be able to run ten miles
A man should be able to write a poem
A man should be able to laugh and smile

A man should be able to cook a meal
A man should be able to fix his truck
A man should be able to throw a good punch
But should also be able to duck

A man should be able to know how to make love
A man should be able to accurately shoot a gun
A man should be able to learn to face his fears
A man should be able to persevere and get things done

A man should be able to sit patiently
A man should be able to dance to a song
A man should be able to stand his guard
Even though the night is black and long

A man should be able to build a fire
A man should be able to hunt his own game
A man should be able to do something
That is beyond the fame of his own name

11:21 am
transcribed this time
11:27 am

The three choices

Get Better
Go Crazy
Or Die.........


about 1990 something
transcribed this time
11:25 am

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Apocolyptic Dream

Son will be turned against father
Father will be turned against son
Mother will be turned against daughter
The ramparts will be over run

The sky will turn dark then black
Loathsome things will roam the land
Wild dogs will run in packs
And there will be no one to understand

The plaintiff cry of the weak
The aching hunger of those alone
And barter if done at all
Will be for sex food or precious stones

Ancient tribalism will return
And the rule will be by brutal power
Dead bodies will be a common sight
Wrists bound and tortured for hours

Hunting and scavenging for food
Bands will search abandoned structures
Going in through the blown out sides
Made by the gas pipes violent ruptures

Electricity will end except in a few
Remote areas planned for in advance
Some will survive by skill and determination
And as always a few by idiot chance

Certain people will be shot on sight
Justice will be acted out in open view
And it won’t be by what people know
It’ll be by what people can do….

Some people don’t think it will happen
Some people say so what if it does
They don’t give a damn where we’re going
They’re getting by fine on what was

These are the truly useless
These are the scum of the earth
Who know their fair share in everything
But not what one drop of blood is worth

Sometime in 1994
transcribed this time
1:56 pm

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


A dark brooding silence
Falls over the gate
A gasping dying creature
Lay accepting its fate

A sentinel stands guard
As if turned to stone
Sensing more than seeing
A being all alone

While time unfolds arms
A cold palor creeps in
Rigid anticipation relaxes
A macabre perversity begins

Fills the silver chalice
Sepulchre for consecration
A sort of a muted obsequious
Nod toward dim elation

Pray down at the netherworld
Pray at the voices heard
But all the sounds of flapping
Are not of light winged birds

about 1993 1994
transcribed this time
10:29 am